The Building Process

Land Purchase

The first step in building a house is finding and purchasing your property.   When purchasing land, major considerations will be cost, location, zoning, legal access, fire truck access, whether its in a HOA, ability to develop or access utilities (water, septic), environmental restrictions, access to a flat building pad, amount of usable land, and value of nearest houses. Prior to purchase of any land, you should also visit the city and county agencies (and HOA if applicable) to check on any development restrictions and to get an estimate of permit costs and time needed to process permits.  EcoHus Homes can help guide you through this process and provide an estimate on how much it will cost to develop land.

Site Plan

After the land is purchased, a site plan should be developed that lays out lands boundaries, access, topography, and proposed location for house, driveway, leach field (if no septic available) and well and storage tank (if no public water available).  Companies can be hired to make professional site plans, but you can also do it yourself. EcoHus Homes will help guide you through this process. Depending on amount of soil you have to move, you may also need a grading plan.  

Contractor Selection

Once you have a site plan, the next step will be identifying contractors for septic system, well and leach field, foundation, soils and environmental reports (if needed), and grading work and getting quotes.  EcoHus Homes can help you find contractors and recommends you get at least two quotes for each job.  The contractors may apply for the permits for you or you will have to apply yourself.  The contractors wil also help guide you on modifications to site plans that may be needed.

Applying for Permits

Once you have the quotes for land development and a final site plan, its time to apply for a building permit and any other permits the city or county required.  In addition to the site plan, you will need to submit the engineered drawings provided by EcoHus Homes.  Some counties may also require a biological report, fire department clearance, and other requirements.  EcoHus Homes are intended to operate entirely off-grid; however, if your county requires grid-tied our power system will be approved for connection.  

Site Development

Once building permits are submitted, site development work can start as permits are approved.  This work will typically include installing the well, water storage tank, septic tank, leach field, grading work and house foundation.  Your contractors will usually be responsible for meeting all counties requirements for inspections of these systems.   

Home Build

Once the building permits are approved, EcoHus Homes will move our shipping containers and greenhouse onto your site at rough finish stage.  We take care of all the required county inspections, such as rough electrical, plumbing and structural at this time.  We complete the house on-site, scheduling the county inspections as required.  From time to delivery to finished home ready for final inspection is typically 4 to 6 weeks.