The Sustainable Garden Home 

Shipping Container Garden Homes

In constructing EcoHus, our goal is to demonstrate how one can create an affordable home that works with nature, providing health to nature and the residents living within the house

Our Design

The EcoHus is designed to be a house that feels like living in a garden.  The architectural concept of a house within a greenhouse was first proposed by Swedish Architect Bengt Warne in the 1970s who imagined a way for people to live in harmony with nature by making a self-sustaining ecosystem.  He called it NaturHus, or Nature House.  Our house makes greenhouse homes more sustainable and affordable, so we’ve coined the “Eco” term along with the original “Hus” term to create the EcoHus.  

Shipping Container

The use of a recycled shipping container, instead of wood construction, greatly reduces use of new materials and increasing durability and fire resilience

Controlled Climate

The greenhouse serves to both shade the house in summer to reduce cooling and capture the sun's warmth in winter to reduce heating, all while protecting the house from the elements

Net Zero Energy and Water

The lean-to greenhouse provides an 1800 sq ft surface with all southern exposure providing enough area for both large solar power system and rainwater capture system, enabling the home to be net energy and water neutral