PV for Plants

EcoHus Homes uses LUMO Panels from Soliculture so that plants can be grown directly under the solar panels, enabling both renewable electricity and plant production using same footprint. More information is available at In addition, all our panels are bifacial and elevated well above house, enabling up to 20% more power production than normal PV cells, especially under cloudy conditions.  

Smart Home

EcoHus Homes uses smart home integration for all the lights, fans, hvac, security features, and appliances (refridgerator, OLED TV, dishwasher, washer/dryer) throughout the home.  This feature not only allows most of the house to be operated via smart phone or voice  using Alexa or google assistant, but also allows monitoring of power consumption.  EcoHus Homes use the Ring system, which includes 3 cameras for added security.  EcoHus Homes can use Starlink to provide high speed interet service which is robust against natural disasters.   


EcoHus Homes are made off-grid using repurposed or sustainably harvested materials.  Most exterior materials are comprised of recycled or repurposed steel resilient against fire and natural disasters. Examples of interior materials used throughout the home include bamboo, linoleum, cork and rubberwood.  Insulation uses materials with low greenhouse gas emissions.  All appliances and faucets are Ecostar or low-flow rated.  Cabinets meet CARB requirements.  Water from showers and sinks can be recycled and used for toilet flusing, plant watering, and even chothes washing if desired. 

Lights & Displays

Specially designed lights, displays, and skytubes are used through the home to provide natural and unique lighting and shading.  Polymer dispersed liquid crystal display are used to double as active shutters for shading and privacy and large area rear and front projection displays for movie night.  Solar tubes and acrylic skylights are used to bring natural lighting in during day and LED strips incorporated into skylights also bring light in during night.