OCSD Competition

OCSD 2023

Team University of California, Santa Cruz is participated in the 2023 Orange County Sustainability Decathlon (OCSD).  OCSD is a worldwide, collegiate competition that invites university students and leaders to innovate a sustainable, market-ready home that addresses California's housing and climate change-related needs. 

Our unique design, "EcoHus", encapsulates those needs and is built with sustainable materials, healthy utilization of natural resources, and is constructed within a greenhouse. EcoHus won first place in Innovation, Water Use and Energy Efficiency, second place in Market Potential, and 3rd place in Appliances & Lighting. 

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Our OCSD Team

While our highly interdisciplinary team is small, every team member participates in not only on the design but in every aspect of the building.  We did this through classes and build-weeks where we travel from Santa Cruz to Riverside to build the actual house.  All of us living, eating, and working on the build site allows us to develop a strong community and focus all our attention on the house design and construction during those weeks.

Faculty Sponsor

Sue Carter

Project Lead and Construction Manager

Eli Nygren

Design & Communications Tech

Mana Iwata

Performance Verification & Water Systems

Carey Williams

Green Tech Intern

Parker Morell

Green Tech Intern

Walker Mayer

Green Tech Intern

Hayden Johnson

Green Tech Intern

Kyler Worcester-Moor

Green Tech Intern

Emma "Em" Adams

Green Tech Intern

Stevan Servin

Green Tech Intern

Gabrial Ramirez

Green Tech Intern

Ethan Palmer

Communications, Social Media and Internal Design Intern

Kiaya Moser

Sensor Systems Tech

Jonah Lavi

Safety Officer & Smart Home Tech

Pedro Lira